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PLAAY Fitness and Yoga is a novel, innovative studio like no other. Our view is to provide a variety of fitness modalities that are fun, functional, adventuresome, and practical. We don’t have cardio or strength/resistance machines.  Your body is your machine and we can take you through movement that can cultivate and challenge your body and mind. Whether it is through various forms of climbing, group exercise, yoga, or personal instruction, we can help you develop core and functional strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination. PLAAY is also a relaxed, non-competitive studio offering fitness, amenities and other services to entire families, not just adult individuals.  We don’t just work out, we PLAAY!

PLAAY Features

           Our Activities

  • Aerial/Acro/Paddle Board/Mat Yoga
  • Aerial Arts with Silks/Lyra/Trapeze
  • Ropes/Cargo Net/Bouldering/Rock Climbing
  • 24’ Monkey Rig with Weights/Kettle Bells/TRX
  • Kickboxing/Pilates/Barre/Pole/Zumba
  • Personal Training/Boot Camps/Slack Line
  • Art Programs and Workshops

   Our Amenities

  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Juice/Smoothie Bar
  • Massages
  • Locker Rooms
  • Party Rooms
  • Art Gallery
  • Retail Shop

Today’s Class Schedule

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“If you want to play, meditate, practice yoga, rest, laugh, fly, climb…kick, jump, swing, feel like a kid…then visiting this new studio in Ocean City, NJ is a must!  Get your Zen here or get your bad ass on!!” – Kelly Kuder

“Love @plaayfitnessandyoga.  When night class is canceled you head to the gym and PLAAY!  Great workout tonight with Jen Domsic and some powerful women!”  – Alexandra Martino

“One on one with Michele Oliva Crosson.  Trust your emotions.  All of them.  They lead to the path you are seeking.  They are the journey to the heart.  Feeling Blessed at PLAAY Fitness and Yoga.” – Dawn Weber

“I absolutely love @plaayfitnessandyoga.  I could have stayed there all day!!” – Michelle Blank

“Every time I think I’m fearless, Liz kicks it up a notch for me!  Thanks Liz for another great Aerial Arts class!” – Tara

PLAAY is awesome, I’ve taken boot camp and kickboxing there.  Now I’ll have to try this!” Mary Sullivan Wilson

“Great staff full of fun energetic people.  Each instructor is well educated in their field of expertise.  All around an awesome gym with a sweet juice bar!” – John D Schaser

“Crazy fun at Buti Glo!  Gotta check out Buti Yoga at PLAAY Fitness and Yoga in OC.  Buti Yoga combines a tribal dance flow with Vinyasa yoga…an amazing place that offers so many different styles of fitness classes.” – Nicole Fiore Baughman

What are you waiting for?

PLAAY Fitness and Yoga leads the fitness industry when it comes to helping people reach their fitness goals. We have yoga classes, rock climbing walls, pole fitness, personal trainings, kickboxing classes, group classes, and more!

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Yoga For All Levels At PLAAY

The wonderful thing about yoga is that this is a form of exercise where you do not need anything to get started. All you have to do is learn about some of the basic poses and some of the items that you can add to your routine to make your endeavors easier. Whether you are thinking about taking up yoga at our Ocean City NJ yoga studio or you want to be able to do some of it from the comfort of your own home, this is something that is wonderful for just about anyone at any age group. At our Cape May County gym, we offer many different kinds of yoga like aerial yoga, acro yoga, gentle yoga, power yoga and yin yoga. We have a yoga class for every level and any age group.

What Yoga Can Do

The exercises involved in yoga are made to help ease muscles that are tense while also toning up your internal organs. Overall, this is a wonderful way to improve your flexibility and improve upon your ligaments and joints. Proper yoga exercise will allow you to focus on strength and suppleness and each posture should be performed in a slow manner with fluid movements. Any abrupt or violent movement should be avoided as it can cause fatigue through the build up of lactic acid.

Yoga postures will be good for releasing tension and stiffness in the body while working to regain an inner balance of your spine. It can also help to restore your health and renew energy. Some of the postures will be able to give you a good deal of benefits if you are having issues with bone mass, which is very important for women. The additional breathing and relaxation techniques will help to foster stability as well as reduce stress and help you to get in touch with your inner strengths. Many people also say that regular practice will help to promote aging gracefully.

What Do You Need For Yoga?

A yoga mat is something that is going to give you a nice, non-slip surface that you can practice your poses on as well as offer a good bit of padding. You can find classic yoga mats at most sporting goods stores, and they can be very helpful for a beginner. If you are going to be practicing on a hard floor, it may be better on your joints to go with a thicker mat.

There are some yoga props that you can get that will be helpful when you start with some of the basic poses. Yoga blocks are good for helping you to stabilize your standing poses. There are also yoga straps that will give you an advantage when you are in a seated pose. You may also want to get a blanket or bolster that will be able to help you with restorative poses.

Clothing is also going to be another crucial element to yoga for beginners. You need to wear clothing that is fairly stretchable or loose so that you can move freely. Once you have everything that you need and an idea of the poses that you want to start with, you can get going on your journey with boosting your health through yoga.