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“Beautiful place, great atmosphere.  I took the Aerial Yoga class for the first time and I’m definitely doing it again – a whole new range of sensations on the silk hammock swings, challenging but very doable for people who are adept at yoga.” – Dede Stoykova

“I took my first aerial yoga class this morning with Liz. I had a blast!  Can’t wait to go back!” – Tara Rapattoni

“This was my first stab at aerial yoga and Chris was great for helping us into each position step by step.  It was more of a workout than I’ve gotten from other yoga, and so much fun!  I will definitely be doing that again!” – Melissa Franz

“Tried Aerial Yoga for the first time..FUN”– Brianne Keller

“Had a great time taking Intro to Aerial Arts at PLAAY.” -Brandon Frye

“This class will kick your ass but it’s so invigorating!  Definitely a must try.”  – Ashley Gillian

“Thanks John Schaser for an awesome boot camp!  My butt has been kicked.  Can’t wait for Wednesday at 9:30 boot camp!” – Tara Rapattoni 

PLAAY is awesome, I’ve taken boot camp and kickboxing there.  Now I’ll have to try this!” – Mary Sullivan Wilson

“If you want to play, meditate, practice yoga, rest, laugh, fly, climb…kick, jump, swing, feel like a kid…then visiting this new studio in Ocean City, NJ is a must!  Get your Zen here or get your bad ass on!!” – Kelly Kuder

“Love @plaayfitnessandyoga.  When night class is cancelled you head to the gym and PLAAY!  Great work out tonight with Jen Domsic and some powerful women!” – Alexandra Martino

“One on one with Michele Oliva Crosson.  Trust your emotions.  All of them.  They lead to the path you are seeking.  They are the journey to the heart.  Feeling Blessed at PLAAY Fitness and Yoga.” – Dawn Weber


“To all my fit people out there looking for something new or anyone looking to get ready for the summer, definitely check out Buti Yoga with Melissa Mead.  I like to consider myself in decent shape and that class just whooped me!  And it’s so much fun!” – Bobby Bunting

“Crazy fun at Buti Glo!  Gotta check out Buti Yoga at PLAAY Fitness and Yoga in OC.  Buti Yoga combines a tribal dance flow with Vinyasa yoga…an amazing place that offers so many different styles of fitness classes.” – Nicole Fiore Baughman

“Another great class with Michele Oliva Crosson!  Ready to start my day.  Thank you!” – Brianne Keller

“I’ve been wanting to try Buti Yoga for awhile and was so surprised when PLAAY Fitness and Yoga in my hometown OCNJ had a class!  I had a blast taking the class thanks to the great energy of @mmead0105 instructing.  I highly recommend trying Buti Yoga!!” –  Michelle Blank

“Another fun workout at PLAAY Fitness and Yoga!” – Marilyn Darrows

“Fun class.  Great workout.” – Michele Linden

“Every time I think I’m fearless, Liz kicks it up a notch for me!  Thanks Liz for another great Aerial Arts class!” – Tara Rapattoni


“Had so much fun!” – Ashley Howardell Kraemer

“Great and fun for the whole family…..two hours is amazing.” – Bonnie Miller

“Great fun with the grandkids.” – Carolann Castaldi Klingert

“Great class, wonderful instructor!!” – Laurie Roselli


“Rise and Shine.  Awesome morning with our yoga instructor – Michele.  Body-Mind-Soul.” – Dawn Weber

“The Yin Yoga was fantastic…loved it!!  Rachel was great….definitely doing it again.” – Bonnie Miller

“Such a beautiful studio Liz Beasley.  So proud of your fearless adventure!” – Kelly Kuder


“Such a great place and so much fun!  Tara is an awesome instructor!” – Peppe Davis

“Great staff full of fun energetic people.  Each instructor is well educated in their field of expertise.  All around awesome gym with a sweet juice bar!” – John D Schaser

“Awesome time at PLAAY!” – Loren Kaufman

“I absolutely love @plaayfitnessandyoga.  I could have stayed there all day!!” – Michelle Blank

“Can’t wait for summer to come down and beat up your rig.” – Larry Caldwell

“You’re going to kill it this summer for sure.” – Jessica Schultz